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20 Photos of Pretty Potheads

The Pretty Potheads are here! Bring in the New Year with 20 Hot Pix!

pretty girl with a bong



brunette babe holding buds

She’s a handful


blonde girl taking bong hits on the couch

Don’t bother her right now


stoner girl taking big bong hit

Smoke Out


hot brunette stonergirls

Little Red Brunette


blonde girl holding weed

I need to try this


brunette cannabis cutie smoking pot

Is this what you like?


ganja girl very sexy with bong

Complete Control


asian babe smoking weed in the car

Drivin’ me crazy


two cannabis cuties

Trouble in pairs


pretty pothead smile

You’re a Pretty Pothead!


babe with red bra holding cannabis

Smoke with me?


cute blonde in purple with large bongs

That’s Fresh


hot babe at the beach getting high

Fond memories of the beach


super sexy redhead cannabis babe

I like the getup


fun girl in bikini getting stoned

The style


stoner girl likes big bongs

Very nice out here


hot brunette girl weed lick

Just a taste


super hot babe smoking blunt




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