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Colorado’s Drive Thru Dispensary

The first drive-thru Cannabis Dispensary in the U.S., the western-themed Tumbleweed Dispensary Express Drive-Thru in Parachute, Colorado, opened on 4/20/17. Several national new organizations covered the story.

Located right next to their Flagship shop, the Express Drive-Thru is even open late after the main Tumbleweed Dispensary shop is closed.

In addition to the Flagship and the Express Drive-Through, there are five more amazing Tumbleweed Dispensary locations in Colorado.

If you are ever passing through Western Colorado’s I-70 corridor, give Tumbleweed a stop by. And make sure to get the Drive-Thru Cannabis experience. These people are pioneers!

Visit: Tumbleweed Dispensary Express Drive-Thru

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