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DG-Certified App: “Hempire”

There are some excellent cannabis-based games to savor out there in your favorite app store. All of these games are awesome in their own way, but “Hempire”, from LBC Studios Inc., is a real standout.

“Hempire” is a cannabis simulation growing game where you get to run a small startup cannabis distribution system just getting started in a gritty urban neighborhood.

You’ll grow kind buds, meet up with oddball customers, sell tons of weed, create custom strains, make edibles, buy up properties and partner up with other neighborhood schemers to build out your “Hempire”. It’s like “Farmville” for stoners.

The game world is incredibly detailed and chock full of interesting buildings and streets to explore. Much of the time you can just scroll around the map, but you can also use the shortcut icons – the “client” icons are along the left side, and “location” icons are on the right side – which become helpful at advanced stages of the game.

There is so much to like about this game. The game has a nice natural progression so you never get too confused. The growing process is satisfying and fun – it’s especially nice when you shear your buds off with little clippers. The characters are hilarious, always crackin’ wise and plotting out your next move for you as they drive the story along.

Whether it’s growing more and more potent buds, tidying up the neighborhood to find loot, meeting up with your key customers, or tracking down the next big score, there’s always something to keep tabs on in your “Hempire” neighborhood as you turn into a respected badass with power and a fat bankroll.

All of the great gameplay is wrapped up in style. The artwork & music are pitch perfect, and cool sound effects abound (listen for the distinctive coughing of different customers – earns a chuckle every time).

There are so many other clever little touches and surprises that make the authentic world come alive, and will lure you back in to play again.

“Hempire” is a great little weed growing simulation game – you’ll get sucked right into this seedy little world.

“Hempire” Features:

  • Grow and customize popular cannabis strains including classics like Northern lights and Hindu Kush
  • Use the lab to breed and discover new strains and remain at the top of the industry
  • Craft extracts like hash and shatter, and edibles like cookies and brownies
  • Upgrade your grow op with new equipment, lights, and generators as your business grows
  • Complete deals with game characters to unlock new features and strains
  • Decorate your businesses with trees, items and vehicles from a dune buggy to a race car
  • Generate huge cash by selling your custom product in the dispensary.
  • Invest your money in local businesses and real estate and develop your city
  • Start with one bud and grow your company into a billion dollar enterprise
  • Multiplayer Competition. The Hempire Cup: Compete against other players to breed the highest quality strain winning trophies in the Hempire Cup


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I deal with the Mayor’s Aide, but don’t worry he’s cool. I think.


I like to spend some quality time at Grandma’s house making some strong Weed Butter. I love you so much Grandma!


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