Posted on Models Inessa & Julianna (20 Smokin’ Pix)

Enjoy 20 pix from the very first DG shoot ever! model inessa gorgeous in white

What a session model julianna in orange chair with little pipe

Perfect little spot model julianna in black chilling on white couch

Elegant high


busty model inessa in marijuana leaf hat

Ha Ha Ha model julianna in leopard skin print toking it

Let’s spark this up model inessa in booty shorts and pink top with bong bongs

Time for a toke model julianna striking in bright orange

Red Orange Pink model julianna on the diving board poolside

Dive in model inessa looking fab in white and stylish coat

The Look model julianna grabbing for the bong

This Bong is Ready model Inessa looking hot in black

Join Me model julianna in I love weed shirt

She Loves Weed


Tee Hee Hee model julianna by the pool in weed jumpsuit

Get the Balance Right model inessa in white with bong at pool

This is All Mine model julianna toking one up in the yard

I will smoke this


beautiful busty model inessa in black at the pool

Perfect Position models julianna and inessa at the pool goofing about and around

Just having some fun babe model julianna in spread pose on diving boards

So High Right Now




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