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Enron Corporation sues The Houston Astros for separation and defamation of character

January 15th, 2020, Houston TX:  In the wake of the cheating scandal, The Enron Corporation has filed suit in Federal Court to have their name disassociate with the disgraced Houston Astros.   The legal entity ‘Enron Corporation’ a remnant shell company still existing for legal purposes has taken a bold step to have their name permanently disconnected and separated from the Houston Astros Baseball Corporation.

The Minute Made Corporation has also filed a separate suit against the Astros that would in effect remove their name from Houston’s ballpark.  Steve Conniver, a spokesperson for Minute Made, was quoted by the AP as saying, ‘We will not subject our good name to the foul stench of cheating, the bankruptcy of character and void of being that the Houston Astros displayed.”  Continuing “We, in good standing with the community of orange juice drinkers, will not tolerate nor sanction this dismal behavior.”  Enron officials could not be reached nor would their parole officers comment on the decision.


One thought on “Enron Corporation sues The Houston Astros for separation and defamation of character

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