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Happy Hallo-WEED! It’s Scream Queen Week Starring Horror Legend Jamie Lee Curtis!

Halloween is coming, the new “Halloween” movie is a smash, and horror scream queens are awesome as always. Enjoy some classic photos of fantastic horror stars of yesterday (and today!). Happy Hallo-WEED!

busty brunette horror vixen caroline munro

Caroline Munro, 70’s Hammer Horror


the sizzling caroline munro horror scream queen legend

Caroline Munro in “Sinbad” gear


black leather boots caroline munro tall brunette babe

Caroline Munro


pale skinned redhead hammer horror star

Madeline Smith, 70s Hammer Horror


nipples horror stars star brunette beauty

Madeline Smith


blonde babe in red bottoms laying on bed

Yutte Stensgaard, 70s Hammer Horror


stylish 70s 1970s 1970sfashion black boots london swinging

Yutte Stensgaard


busty brunette hammer horror star stars brunettes

Marie Devereux, 60s Hammer Horror


busty hammer horror babes

Marie Devereux


horror scream queens nipples 1960s 60s

Suzanna Leigh, 60s Hammer Horror


bloody sexy horror girl fangs

Suzanna Leigh


orange top sexy tight blonde 60s 1960s

Olinka Berova, 60s Hammer Horror


jamie lee curtis in tight blue jumpsuit 1980s 80s

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis in true lies bikini

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis in true lies black bikini

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis 1980s 80s

Jamie Lee Curtis


fun michael myers mask with wine hilarious

Michael Myers – you look good but hands off Laurie Strode!

Happy Hallo-WEED.



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