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Join Us! 2019 Model Search is So On Right Now

2019 is shaping up to be a huge year for!

We are looking for NEW CANNABIS MODELS to work with this year.

Check out pictures of our first two models (Julianna & Inessa) as well as other cannabis models.

Are you a DispensaryGirl? Or do you know a DispensaryGirl?If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Hit us up at if you or someone you know is interested in modeling for our up and coming site this year.

Check out our Instagram at dg_dispensarygirl

2019 is another big cannabis year. We’re looking for the models to do it right!


gorgeous redhead in black bikini with bong and heels

Inessa in’s first photo shoot


pretty redhead smoking weed in weed jumpsuit at sunset

Julianna in the first photo shoot


hot redhead smoking joint in pink top

One Nation



cute blonde with big buds and big bud and bong

Pretty Pothead


inessa from redhead busty bong

Inessa in the first photo shoot for


julianna from on patio redhead beauty

Julianna on the patio enjoying


pretty pothead girl with little bong and big hit

Quite a setup


asian hottie in purple smoking cannabis weed marijuana

Successful Shoot


inessa from redhead busty pretty bongs

Inessa – Pretty as a Picture


julianna from in orange with joint

Julianna in the Zone


babe with bong hit

Puff Puff


asian babe hottie green aqua top and bong on the beach

Easy Does It


julianna and inessa sexy diving board bong hits







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Girls Fishin’ in Bikinis (20 Hot Photos)

Get out there and land one!


sexy girl in bikini holding fish

Striped Catcher


Hot wet girl with a bent rod

Reelin’ it in


big fish big tits

Serious Fish Distractor


sexy girl kissing fish on boat



cute girl holding cute fish and rod

We fought a little


big tits fishing

Big Catch


sexy girl fishing

There’s a river around here


big boob beauty fly fishing in bikini

With fishnet


beautiful girl with beautiful fish on boat

Great end to day


big boob beauty racking her fish

Attractive catch


sexy girl griping her rod

Just a quick break


sexy girl with sexy fish

Waist high


beautiful girl fishing on beautiful boat

Guitar style


hot girl grabbing her rod and fish

A reel pro


fake tits real fish

Focus on the right things


tits and trout

Pride of catchership


sexy woman with her new catch

This is dandy


beautiful girl with huge fishes

Great shot


sexy girl with bent rod

Catch me if you can!









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Fond EDM Memories (25 Hot Photos)

Do you remember your first rave experience, or was it a bit fuzzy? Either way, joggle your memory with a bunch of pix of the lovely ladies of EDM.


edm girl with fun costume

So much creativity


dance club babes ready for the night

Ladies… it’s a pleasure!


rave girl kissing big ice cream cone

We all scream for it


brunette rave girl with glitter fishnets

Glitter gulch – you’re knocking us out!


edm babe with body paint

I’m distracted from the pulsing beat momentarily


two good friends at a rave

Ferris Wheel Ride ?


rave girl at show

Ready for the Huey Lewis concert


hot rave girls ready for fun

Super Night Guys


amazing edm rave outfits sexy

Unravel the night


edm rave girl bright colors yellow purple

Tangled up in pink n purple


fun edm rave art girls

Welcome to our world


wild girls at a festival

It will last longer


rave outfit with platform shoes

Alright perfect – now let’s head inside.


superhero rave girls in bikinis

Now that you mention it – you guys do look hot!


having fun at a rave show

I feel a real connection with the both of you.


sexy edm rave babes pink

I like your styles


rave edm girl with pasties

It’s a warm night


fun edm rave girls helicopter

Yay EDM!


pre rave edm party

Pretty Elite


two girls into the edm rave

I think it’s time


wild rave women

Not shy girls


dressed for edm rave culture

Might get some looks !


rave girl talking to a unicorn

Speaking to a Unicorn


girl at rock n roll festival

Meet me at sunset!







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Holiday Culture Dumpster

It’s the Holidays! DG wishes you well with a ton of fun photos from your favorite time of year.

busty blonde with holiday nightie

Holiday Treat


four stoner girl babes around tree with red panties

Gather ’round the weed tree


three girls in fantasy weed sequence holidays xmas

Christmas Morning


leggy brunette with gift bong under christmas tree

Perfect gift for your sweetheart


ann margaret retro nostalgia holidays

Ann Margaret


hippie cartoon with small xmas christmas holiday tree

Hippie Tree


busty blonde babe with great smile

Santa’s Helper


funny santa cartoon elves

Busybody Elves


blonde girl in sexy christmas outfit

Happy Holidays


sammy davis jr in funny alka seltzer holiday ad

So cool baby


sexy pot girl firing up blunt on christmas

It’s Christmas Time


busty blonde in sexy holiday lingerie

Holiday Dreams


fantasy island funny holiday picture

Smiles Everyone!


knockout blonde in sexy holiday lingerie tight

Loving the Holidays


sexy brunette girl by holiday fire

Stocking Stuffer


sexy sleigh picture red stockings candy cane bikini

Dashing through the Snow



pretty girl holidays



funny holiday magazine ad dr pepper

Have a Hot… Dr Pepper?


funny cartoon santa with sexy girl in lingerie

Santa stalling out


beautiful latina gal with santa helper outfit

Helpin’ Santa Out


busty girl in santa outfit

Really like your tree


gorgeous blonde in tight red holiday lingerie

This is it


dolly parton in holiday outfit busty dolly

Dolly Parton


blonde babe with holiday hat

Enjoy the Holidays!


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All the Sexy Velma Photos

Velma from “Scooby Doo” DG-style.

cosplay busty velma orange glasses

Looking to make a bust


asian cosplay velma scooby doo

Everyone’s a suspect


super sexy velma scooby doo cosplay

I see a clue


art of velma scooby doo

Let’s figure it out


busty cosplay velma scooby doo orange with glasses



scooby doo cosplay with velma sexy

All the orange


velma sketch scooby doo sexy velma

Likes orange sweaters


sexy velma cosplay panties and orange sweater

Off the case


tattoo cosplay sexy velma

On the search


sexy velma the mystery machine

Spotted something


busty sexy velma cosplay

Ghosts up here


sexy velma in the movies

Solvin’ crimes


sexy busty velma



drawing of sexy velma scooby doo cosplay

Detective detecting


hot velma scooby doo stairs

Gotta get through me


sexy busty velma scooby doo cartoon cosplay

Help me find it


busty brunette velma costume



velma drawing painting hot sexy scooby doo

Bats ahead


sexy velma busty hot legs

Don’t look back


brunette cosplay velma scooby doo

In danger


petite cosplay velma scooby doo

Clues out here


sexiest velma cosplay in red hot brunette

I’ll find it


painting of sexy velma scooby doo

Strike a pose


cosplay girl plus real girl velma

Side by side


sexy cute velma scooby doo cosplay

Velma comes to life


mega busty velma cosplay

Velma solves crimes!




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20 Amazing Dispensary Girl Photos

Thank You Dispensary Girls For Doing What You Do

redhead with really tall bong

High wire act


busty blonde with blunt blue halter top

I like your manicure


dispensary girl model julianna in leopard print model Julianna


black and white smoke blow bed

Perfect hit


cute blonde taking bong hit in the grass

Great spot for us


hippie marijuana maryjane girl big smoke puff

Into the scene


gorgeous girl holding bong black shoes model Inessa


brunette with tattoos and red top hot

I’m actually getting dressed


sexy girl with beanie and blunts higher state

Higher state of mind


cool brunette with beanie and tattoos and joints

Surprise surprise


busty girl on bed with bong and puffing

Great times now


busty girl lighting up blunt

This all worked out


brunette girl getting stoned

Load this up


tattoos sunglasses blunts babes lighters

Just a small town girl


good looking redhead with water pipe

Groovy man!


girl in jacuzzi smoking weed

This is da life


blue lingerie weed girl

A really deep drag


girl in cannabis leaf crop top

So high – In shape


tie dye weed bongs

Nice n clean


brunette girl with glasses and yellow pipe




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Miss Hurst Golden Shifter: Linda Vaughn

Gotta admit – we have a serious DG crush on Linda Vaughn, AKA Miss Hurst Golden Shifter.

Ms. Vaughn and her crew (the Hurst-ettes) brought their fabulousness to the race car scene for decades.

Enjoy some amazing retro pics of the Golden Shifter in action!

The Early Years


Killer Colors


Am I staring?


The Feathered Look


Whole Lotta Blonde


Centers of attention


Hot Hot Rod Girl


Superb Fit


Greetings, Racing Fans!

Hurst in the House


The Jumpsuit Look


Team Glam


Ha Ha Ha Ha! Ha


Let’s Race!


High Five!


Hi! Hey! Hey there!


1, 2, 3




Pinky Three


Hey you!



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Sexy Silverballs (20 Pinball Photos)

Pinball is sexy, see for yo-self!

wizard pinball machine tommy movie the who

Wizard 1975


circus pinball by gottleib

Circus 1980


playboy pinball by bally

Playboy 1978


ann margaret wizard tommy ad 1970s

Ann Margaret & Pinball Go Together


gilligan pinball

Gilligan's Island 1991 (ad signed by Bob Denver!)


elton john captain fantastic pinball

It's a good game


star gazer pinball 1980s

Star Gazer 1980


ac dc pinball rock n roll

Rock n' roll ain't noise pollution


iron maiden pinball by stern

Iron Maiden 1982


sexy girl playing pinball in red dress

KISS 1979


genie pinball by gottlieb

Genie 1979


playboy pinball backglass

Playboy 1978


sexy girl pinball

Sexy Girl 1980


paragon pinball

Paragon 1979


buck rogers pinball

Buck Rogers 1979


elvira pinball

Elvira Scared Stiff 1996


elvira scared stiff pinball

Elvira Scared Stiff 1996


strikes and spares pinball

Strikes & Spares 1978


playboy pinball

Playboy 1978

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Halloween Culture Dumpster

Enjoy a Culture Dumpster full of Hallo-WEED Treats!

cute girl leaning on big pumpkin pitchfork

Big Pumpkin


vegas showgirl giant joint blunt

Need a big lighter


tall babe in ganja nurse outfit

Got the right medicine for you


jamie lee curtis 1980s 80s retro

Out on the town with JLC


funny michael myers

Michael Myers’ sensitive side


black and white halloween photos

She’s a maneater


skeleton bong hits

Amped up on sativa


weed nurse cannabis nurse marijuana nurse

Tell me what you need


pretty witch retro

Not in Harry Potter movie


wood harrelson hawaiian tropic

Hawaiian Tropic is DG-approved


sexy final girl art

Don’t mess with this final girl


weed growing ad retro

Grow Weed


pretty witch with pumpkin faces on wall

I am ready for Halloween


cannabis nurse blonde

What are your symptoms?


tiki girl dreaming



private school movie phoebe cates

For girls…


dispensary girl model julianna with joint

Spark up!


morgan fairchild witch

Morgan Fairchild


christopher lee vampire

Got ya!


big las vegas joint paris

Save a hit for me


halloween pumpkin bong

Load it up


halloween art

Down to your bones


vampirella cosplay

Vamping it up


happy halloweed

The Best Holiday


dispensary girl model inessa on diving board

Happy Hallo-WEED!

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