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1990s Nostalgia (20 Awesome Photos)

Re-live the 1990s with 20 Sexy Photos!

Alicia Silverstone in the pink


The youthful Britney Spears


Nikki Cox on Fire in the 1990s


Sable Rocks the WWE


You, and everyone loves Anna Faris


Christina Applegate in “Married With Children”


Salma Hayak – Bueno


Elizabeth Hurley and the Luckiest Snake


90s Music Fun


LeeLee Sobieski


You listened to the Spice Girls


Shannon Elizabeth AKA “Nadia” from “American Pie”


The Only Tyler You Need to Know is Liv


Nicole Kidman in Prime Form


Heather Graham Causing a Stir


Lucy Liu – we heart u


Angelina Jolie – The Early Years


Carmen Electra Lighting it Up


Charlize Theron – Zowie!




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Holiday Culture Dumpster

It’s the Holidays! DG wishes you well with a ton of fun photos from your favorite time of year.

busty blonde with holiday nightie

Holiday Treat


four stoner girl babes around tree with red panties

Gather ’round the weed tree


three girls in fantasy weed sequence holidays xmas

Christmas Morning


leggy brunette with gift bong under christmas tree

Perfect gift for your sweetheart


ann margaret retro nostalgia holidays

Ann Margaret


hippie cartoon with small xmas christmas holiday tree

Hippie Tree


busty blonde babe with great smile

Santa’s Helper


funny santa cartoon elves

Busybody Elves


blonde girl in sexy christmas outfit

Happy Holidays


sammy davis jr in funny alka seltzer holiday ad

So cool baby


sexy pot girl firing up blunt on christmas

It’s Christmas Time


busty blonde in sexy holiday lingerie

Holiday Dreams


fantasy island funny holiday picture

Smiles Everyone!


knockout blonde in sexy holiday lingerie tight

Loving the Holidays


sexy brunette girl by holiday fire

Stocking Stuffer


sexy sleigh picture red stockings candy cane bikini

Dashing through the Snow



pretty girl holidays



funny holiday magazine ad dr pepper

Have a Hot… Dr Pepper?


funny cartoon santa with sexy girl in lingerie

Santa stalling out


beautiful latina gal with santa helper outfit

Helpin’ Santa Out


busty girl in santa outfit

Really like your tree


gorgeous blonde in tight red holiday lingerie

This is it


dolly parton in holiday outfit busty dolly

Dolly Parton


blonde babe with holiday hat

Enjoy the Holidays!


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25 Photos of Sexy Dispensary Girls

You love em!

lingerie bong hits

Big time wake and bake


two stoner chicks chilling weed socks

Can you hang?


brunette hottie smoking weed

Hi there


weed girl green halter top 420

On the Cannacatwalk


pretty pothead with weed plant

Perfect bloom


brunette babe with pink halter top

Pretty dreamy


three bikini babes at hemp festival

Great times at the Kush Expo


girl in lingerie in grow room

In the grow house


redhead bong rips



bikini bong rips

Professionally done


cannabis cutie in weed field

High !

stoner kitty cats

Oh Me-Ow


fun cannabis girls body paint

Those girls be so crazy


Dispensary Girl model Julianna on the patio model Julianna strikes a pose


sweat and bong hit and yellow bikini



double time bong rips

From Full to Empty


brunette weed babe

All the fixin’s


dispensary girl model inessa in black by pool with bong model Inessa


getting high in the woods

Very Relaxing


weed butt



pretty little toker

Pretty Pothead Deluxe


two fun chicks getting stoned together

The four of you are so fun


crazy yoga bong girls

Hope this works


girls in thong on beach getting stoned

No need to hide





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20 Amazing Dispensary Girl Photos

Thank You Dispensary Girls For Doing What You Do

redhead with really tall bong

High wire act


busty blonde with blunt blue halter top

I like your manicure


dispensary girl model julianna in leopard print model Julianna


black and white smoke blow bed

Perfect hit


cute blonde taking bong hit in the grass

Great spot for us


hippie marijuana maryjane girl big smoke puff

Into the scene


gorgeous girl holding bong black shoes model Inessa


brunette with tattoos and red top hot

I’m actually getting dressed


sexy girl with beanie and blunts higher state

Higher state of mind


cool brunette with beanie and tattoos and joints

Surprise surprise


busty girl on bed with bong and puffing

Great times now


busty girl lighting up blunt

This all worked out


brunette girl getting stoned

Load this up


tattoos sunglasses blunts babes lighters

Just a small town girl


good looking redhead with water pipe

Groovy man!


girl in jacuzzi smoking weed

This is da life


blue lingerie weed girl

A really deep drag


girl in cannabis leaf crop top

So high – In shape


tie dye weed bongs

Nice n clean


brunette girl with glasses and yellow pipe




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Halloween Culture Dumpster

Enjoy a Culture Dumpster full of Hallo-WEED Treats!

cute girl leaning on big pumpkin pitchfork

Big Pumpkin


vegas showgirl giant joint blunt

Need a big lighter


tall babe in ganja nurse outfit

Got the right medicine for you


jamie lee curtis 1980s 80s retro

Out on the town with JLC


funny michael myers

Michael Myers’ sensitive side


black and white halloween photos

She’s a maneater


skeleton bong hits

Amped up on sativa


weed nurse cannabis nurse marijuana nurse

Tell me what you need


pretty witch retro

Not in Harry Potter movie


wood harrelson hawaiian tropic

Hawaiian Tropic is DG-approved


sexy final girl art

Don’t mess with this final girl


weed growing ad retro

Grow Weed


pretty witch with pumpkin faces on wall

I am ready for Halloween


cannabis nurse blonde

What are your symptoms?


tiki girl dreaming



private school movie phoebe cates

For girls…


dispensary girl model julianna with joint

Spark up!


morgan fairchild witch

Morgan Fairchild


christopher lee vampire

Got ya!


big las vegas joint paris

Save a hit for me


halloween pumpkin bong

Load it up


halloween art

Down to your bones


vampirella cosplay

Vamping it up


happy halloweed

The Best Holiday


dispensary girl model inessa on diving board

Happy Hallo-WEED!

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Happy Hallo-WEED! It’s Scream Queen Week Starring Horror Legend Jamie Lee Curtis!

Halloween is coming, the new “Halloween” movie is a smash, and horror scream queens are awesome as always. Enjoy some classic photos of fantastic horror stars of yesterday (and today!). Happy Hallo-WEED!

busty brunette horror vixen caroline munro

Caroline Munro, 70’s Hammer Horror


the sizzling caroline munro horror scream queen legend

Caroline Munro in “Sinbad” gear


black leather boots caroline munro tall brunette babe

Caroline Munro


pale skinned redhead hammer horror star

Madeline Smith, 70s Hammer Horror


nipples horror stars star brunette beauty

Madeline Smith


blonde babe in red bottoms laying on bed

Yutte Stensgaard, 70s Hammer Horror


stylish 70s 1970s 1970sfashion black boots london swinging

Yutte Stensgaard


busty brunette hammer horror star stars brunettes

Marie Devereux, 60s Hammer Horror


busty hammer horror babes

Marie Devereux


horror scream queens nipples 1960s 60s

Suzanna Leigh, 60s Hammer Horror


bloody sexy horror girl fangs

Suzanna Leigh


orange top sexy tight blonde 60s 1960s

Olinka Berova, 60s Hammer Horror


jamie lee curtis in tight blue jumpsuit 1980s 80s

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis in true lies bikini

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis in true lies black bikini

Jamie Lee Curtis


jamie lee curtis 1980s 80s

Jamie Lee Curtis


fun michael myers mask with wine hilarious

Michael Myers – you look good but hands off Laurie Strode!

Happy Hallo-WEED.



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15 Hilarious Moments from “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”

In the summer of 2004, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” hit theaters, and two stoner hero legends were made.

The goofy cannabis-infused humor of the film, and the comedic chemistry of the two lead actors turned the movie into a hit, spawning two sequels and paving the way for more weed-based movies and TV shows in the future.

Enjoy now 15 Hilarious Moments from this epic quest for greasy late-night mini-burgers – and a piece of the American Dream.


“Nothing important. I can talk.”

Kumar Patel (winningly played by Kal Penn, in the role he seemed born to play) is the obnoxious half of our odd couple roommate pairing.

We get to love Kumar’s rebellious attitude from the start as he chooses to take a phone call from his roommate and stoner bud Harold (John Cho, also known as MILF Guy #2 from “American Pie” at the time) in the middle of a critical college entrance interview to discuss smoking up “a quarter of the finest herb in New York City”, willingly bombing out the interview in the process. Kumar’s priorities are right where they need to be.


 “This is America, dude! Learn how to drive!”

The Mountain Dew “Extreme” Gang is a delight. From the moment they steal a prime parking spot from Harold and rub it in his face, these annoying shits become a thorn in our heroes’ sides that will have to be dealt with eventually. They are absolute fuckers every time they appear on screen.


“I’m trimming my pubes.”

Being best pals with Kumar can’t be easy. As if being a rude, messy, stoner slacker wasn’t enough, Harold catches Kumar in the dirtiest clean up act with his scissors. Ah, the joys of roommates.


The Inspiration

This entire stoner adventure film, and the two subsequent sequels, all originated from a single random White Castle commercial, played at just the right moment when the hungry heroes needed an inspirational boost.

Lucky for us, they take the bait, and the epic quest for tasty burgers begins in earnest.


“You the king of the forest?”

There are several notable cameos in the movie (more on these later), but the first is a fine out-of-nowhere cinematic performance by Jamie Kennedy, known as Randy the video guy in the “Scream” movies.

When Kumar stops at a totally random spot along the road to take a pee by a bush, Kennedy (referred to as “Creepy Guy” in the credits) pulls up to the same exact bush, to take a pee of his own, startling Kumar and leading to some chuckle worthy back and forth between the two late night bush pissers.


Deadpool Makes a Cameo

Kumar’s medical background is front and center when he is mistaken for his surgeon brother by a quirky male nurse, played by Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”).

Although denied his desired anesthesia for his patient (marijuana), Kumar does indeed save a man’s life – who promptly directs him to the closest White Castle.


“You boys need some help?”

A wild car crash leads to a meet up with Freakshow, a hideous, but jovial local tow truck driver.

Underneath Freakshow’s makeup is “Law and Order: SVU” stalwart character actor Christopher Meloni. DG loved Meloni as the savior desk clerk to Hunter S. Thompson at the Flamingo Hotel in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. This man knows weird.

Meloni brings Freakshow to disgusting life with his intense, direct acting style, honed at the renowned Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City in the 1980’s.

Aside from the prosthetics (Freakshow is covered with hideous boils), the performance is pure nuanced Meloni, with his Freakshow vacillating between helpful, curious, hurt, vengeful and lusty, all in the space of just a few screen minutes.

From the minute we see his hideous balding cranium in the moonlight, until the moment he strips off his work clothes to offer up a foursome and/or reach around(s), Freakshow lights up the film with pluck and verve.

Quick shout out to Malin Ackerman (“Billions”) playing Freakshow’s gorgeous, loving wife. DG Approved!


“Hey boys. Thanks for picking me up.”

Three excellent cameos are mere appetizers for the main course: a random hitchhiker ends up being the actor Neil Patrick Harris (“Doogie Howser”), playing himself.

It’s an all-time against-type cameo, with Harris in the middle of a drug bender while in pursuit of some “poontang”. It also seems to be the direct inspiration for Harris’s other well-known role – the womanizing Barney Stinson on the TV hit “How I Met Your Mother”.

The first meet up with NPH results in a host of classic lines, and eventually the amped-up Harris steals off with Harold’s car. But he’ll be back.


Mountain Dew “Extreme” Gang: Convenience Store

The stakes continue to escalate when the boys cross paths with the “Extreme” jerks for the third time, this time in a convenience store showdown.

The bad guys take this round handily, wrecking the store with some “Extreme Kayaking”, and getting the better of Kumar in a stare-down contest.

The special effects are outstanding on the store-smashing kayaking scene – you really feel the realistic intensity of a decent-sized kayak being propelled through a potato chip aisle with someone inside of it.


“Hey, what’s that smell?”

After Harold lands in a small-town jail, Kumar is on the threshold of breaking him free when he smells a gi-normous bag of weed, confiscated earlier from an inept college dealer.

It’s love at first sight for Kumar, and in the subsequent classic dream sequence, set to Heart’s “Crazy on You”, Kumar ponders his future with his sweet love, including a potential trip to the altar.


Cheetah Gets High

To chill out a friendly cheetah the boys share their recent stash. At that point, they choose to saddle up on his back, and the cheetah responds with a mad dash through the woods and across a highway. Anything to get to those White Castle burgers!


The Return of NPH

The boys are stuck on the side of the road when luckily, they spot Neil Patrick Harris in Harold’s car. Unfortunately, Neil is “distracted” at the time, and passes them by, irking the already annoyed Harold and furthering this legendary cameo.


Mountain Dew “Extreme” Gang: Final Chapter at Hot Dog Heaven

Harold breaks through against their foes in grand fashion with the brazen theft of their “Extreme” orange SUV. Kumar’s punctuates the theft with a nifty bird.


The American Dream

Just before a rushed hang gliding escape, Kumar inspires with a pep speech to get them past their final hurdle. Weed, women and fast food? Harold & Kumar’s dreams transcend.


White Castle

Spoiler alert. They make it to White Castle.


Amazing actress Paula Garces plays Harold’s sexy neighbor: